You need a professional to supply and install your carpets



When it comes to corporate carpets it is straight forward what you need. You need a carpet that is tough, beautiful and long lasting.

This is where we come in. After being in the building trade for many years we can help you choose carpets that will fit with your corporate image and still last a long time. We will then also fit these carpets to the highest standards there are.

After all what does it help you have fantastic looking carpets and the installation is atrocious. You want them to fit like a glove and have that smooth and uniform look all through the building.

You may also be saying that perhaps carpets are such a hassle to keep clean. That is definitely a point to consider. And yes they do need a good deep clean once a year but the benefits of a well maintained carpet far out stretches the cons.

Take these few points into consideration.

Some of the benefits of carpets.

  • Carpets is a good trapping medium of dirt. This keeps the dust particles from flying around in the air. As long as you vacuum every second day and deep clean once a year you should be fine.
  • The insulating properties of carpets are undeniable. We all know how warm a carpeted room is compared to a  tiled one. This will therefore save you a lot of energy in the heating and cooling department.
  • Carpets are extremely good for absorbing noise. Why do you think that nearly every call center has carpets.

We can work with your architect, designer, or yourself to get the best carpet that you require for your project. We can supply you with samples if needed and will do our utmost to assist you.