Custom Stainless Steel Tables



We not only offer sinks and office renovation services but Custom Stainless Steel Tables as well. When your brand new commercial kitchen is being planned you find that ever so often standard tables that can be supplied just don’t fit. This gives rise to under-utilized ┬áspaces and awkward little areas that your kitchen staff struggle to cope with.

We can remedy this problem by creating a beautiful and practical stainless steel table/s that help you maximize your work area and keep your kitchen going like clockwork.

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All work being purpose built has many advantages. You can request special holders, trays and doors that you would not normally be able to have come standard or extra on your generic tables or counter tops.

We only use top quality stainless steel and shy away from cheap and nasty produced stainless steel. Leaving you with the confident that your custom stainless steel table will last many years into the future.

We can come and install the tables at your premises in the Johannesburg/Pretoria region.